LinkedIn’s First Annual Veteran Insights Report: An Inside Look at U.S. Veterans in the Workplace

LinkedIn’s Veterans Program is proud to announce the launch of its First Annual Veteran Insights Report. In 2012, I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and became part of a veteran community that was facing atrocious unemployment rates. Like many of my brothers and sisters, I knew there had to be a way to bridge the gap, and so I began my search for a way to become part of the solution. During that search, I met and worked … [Read More...]

If You Could Use Proper Grammar and Spelling, That’d Be “Grate”

Kimberly Joki, in her grammarly blog, lists some of the “worst writing mistakes you can make at work.” Even if you are someone who isn’t bothered by a misplaced comma, she says, there will inevitably be coworkers and clients who will notice and who will judge your quality of work by your mistakes, she points out, adding the advice to “Be smarter than you were in primary school.” Joki offers a list of pairs and triplets which are often mixed … [Read More...]

Recognizing the Unconventional Keys to Your Company’s Success

There are other factors in a successful company than just financial reports. … [Read More...]

Four ways to grow your company through innovation

Your voice-of-the-customer initiative can be one of the greatest sources for innovative new products and services. Here are four ways to grow through innovation. Integrate customer insights – Companies can start by developing key methods or “listening posts” to gather and integrate ideas, thoughts, and even complaints from customers. Deliver insights intelligently – The right insights must be delivered to the right … [Read More...]

7 Simple Phrases Effective Leaders Use

It's important to lead by example, but your words matter, too. Here are reassuring, helpful, and impactful phrases powerful leaders use all the time. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

SoftBank to Sell $7.9 Billion of Alibaba Stock

SoftBank said Tuesday it would sell at least $7.9 billion of its stock in Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba.

Workday’s Loss Widens as Expenses Climb

Workday Inc. reported Tuesday that its loss widened in the latest quarter as expenses climbed 37%, though revenue and adjusted earnings came in better than expected.

TiVo Revenue Falls 6.5% Ahead of Acquisition

Television set-top box maker TiVo said its revenue fell 6.5% in the latest quarter as a decline in the company’s hardware segment masked growth in its service and software business and its technology segment.

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