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4 Perspectives That Should Shape Your View of Value Propositions

TweetIf you think a value proposition is just a catchy phrase or the elevator speech your salesmen can spout off to customers, consider what Michael Lanning, the creator of the term, has to say. “It should drive what you communicate, but more,”he explained. “It should be the heart of your business strategy — an articulation of how customers will be better off if they do what your business proposes.” Three decades ago, Michael invented the concept … [Read More...]

Why Denny’s Sounds Like a Chill Teenager on Social Media

Find out how this restaurant chain was able to go viral with one of the most unique social-media strategy in the business. … [Read More...]

Social Coding Site GitHub Hit by Days-Long Cyber Attack

China is reportedly the source of the attack. … [Read More...]

How to make the data come alive

If you are going to put time and attention toward understanding and improving the customer experience, you must consider how the insights will be communicated throughout the organization. It is important that the message captures the attention of the audience. Here are some tips on how to make the data you communicate ‘come alive’: It should inform and engage Use technology is an enabler Tell a story Personalize. Each user has a … [Read More...]

The 5 Types of Entrepreneurs

Being honest with yourself about the type of entrepreneur you are and want to be can be instrumental in determining how to grow your business. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Amazon Wants to Be Your Home Services Middleman

Amazon.com is extending nationwide an offering that connects shoppers with local service providers, including Dish satellite-television service, PepBoys auto-parts stores and handyman marketplace TaskRabbit.

Hon Hai 2014 Earnings Rise 22%

Hon Hai Precision Industry, a major assembler of Apple’s iPhones, reported its highest earnings growth in five years, mirroring the blockbuster earnings report from the U.S technology giant in its fiscal first quarter.

Alibaba, BMG Sign Music Distribution Deal for China

Alibaba Group will become an exclusive online distributor of BMG’s music and artists in China.

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