Most Popular Cities and Jobs for Americans Working Abroad

Have you ever thought about doing your job in a completely different part of the world? Many of us have fantasized about adding global work experience to our LinkedIn profiles, but typically talk ourselves out of the idea with questions like “How can I afford to pick up and leave?” or “Will it have negative consequences on my career?” With more companies expanding their operations abroad, employment opportunities overseas are becoming … [Read More...]

Blogging to Bolster Your Point of View

“Indiana is growing – but we can’t neglect transit as a quality of life and economic development priority,” Michael Huber CEO of the Indy Chamber and Steve Sullivan, CEO of MIBOR Realtor Association agree. Both are in favor of raising taxes in Marion County to improve transit  services.  Huber and Sullivan use several tactics to strengthen their argument in favor of our investing in a transit system: Offering details and explanations of the … [Read More...]

3 Takeaways From the Google Performance Summit

More than half of all Google searches are happening on mobile. Is your business ready for 'micro moments'? … [Read More...]

Three ways to build customer empathy within your company

The role of empathy in customer experience is an increasingly popular – and important factor – in how we understand and manage our customer relationships. Listed below are a few easy ways to start building customer empathy within your company: Ethnographic research. Go out and observe the customer using your products and services. It can be very eye opening to observe this first hand, particularly if you have key leaders and … [Read More...]

Helping practitioners provide better patient experiences

This post is sponsored by PEL, LLC. As the health care industry continues to evolve, patients are looking for more time with their providers, better service and greater transparency. This pressure means that practitioners must find ways to improve their customers’ experiences. In this post, we talk with PEL CEO Mike Sotak about how the industry is changing and how companies can help practitioners provide better service.   What are the major … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Tiny Portraits of the Natural World

Researchers use high-tech tools to explore natural phenomena, on a microscopic scale

Tech Companies Still Trusted More on Autonomous-Car Development

A fatality linked to Tesla’s Autopilot system has done little to dent confidence in Silicon Valley’s ability to do a better job than traditional auto makers when it comes to development of software for autonomous cars, according to a new survey.

Sony Reports Surprise Profit

The $206 million April-June profit defied analysts’ expectations for a loss due to weak image-sensor sales and the costs from recent earthquakes.

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