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Unlocking Your Competitive Edge with the Power of LinkedIn Premium

Editor’s Note: This is part of an ongoing Q&A series called the Inside Story where we sit down to learn more from the people behind the products at LinkedIn. Q. As the product lead behind LinkedIn’s Subscriptions, can you tell us why someone should upgrade to a Premium membership? Funny enough, when I tell people I work at LinkedIn, one of the first questions I always get is “What is the difference between a free and Premium membership?” This … [Read More...]

6 Must-Have Tools to Boost Your Social-Media Productivity

Monitoring and analyzing multiple social-media channels faster and better opens more time for growing your business. … [Read More...]

2015 Collaboration Trends That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Gain a handle on the emerging patterns for how teams, departments and businesses, nearby and in remote locales, can work together most effectively. … [Read More...]

Movie Theaters Are Now Banned From Showing ‘Team America,’ Too

Paramount has pulled the plug on theaters' answer to 'The Interview' fiasco. … [Read More...]

Marissa Mayer ‘Balked’ at Hiring Gwyneth Paltrow for Yahoo Food Because She Didn’t Graduate From College

In developing Yahoo's myriad tech products, Mayer obsessively references data and metrics. In honing the company's media strategies, however, she prefers to go with her gut. … [Read More...]

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Deezer Names New CEO

Deezer, the French music streaming service, has appointed a new boss as it prepares for a full-scale launch in the already crowded U.S. market.

Bringing Music Back Home

After decades of music on the move, we’re finally putting the sound system back where it should be—right in the heart of the house.

CommerceHub Acquires E-Commerce Adviser Mercent

Liberty Media’s CommerceHub is set to announce Thursday it has agreed to acquire e-commerce advisory firm Mercent as it seeks to broaden its clients’ reach online, particularly through Amazon Inc. and Google Inc.

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