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LinkedIn’s Q3 2014 Earnings

Editor’s Note: We’d like to share with you the announcement related to our 2014 third quarter earnings. We’ll also be providing updates from the earnings call on StockTwits starting at 2pm Pacific Time today. Today, we reported our financial results for the third quarter 2014. LinkedIn demonstrated strength in the third quarter, leveraging the scale created by our member network to deliver growth across all three product lines. Revenue for the … [Read More...]

Honoring Business Blogger Ghosts on Halloween

In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear in visible form to the living, explains Wikipedia. Of course, with today being October 31st, ghost costumes are the dress of the day at parties and even in the workplace.   Here at Say It For You, the term “ghost” takes on a whole other meaning. A ghostwriter, of course, is someone who writes books, articles, stories, … [Read More...]

Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin to Leave Google

Rubin will start a company to support startups interested in building technology-hardware products. … [Read More...]

Roles to help drive results

Regardless of size and structure of your company, there are several roles that can effectively drive results. Executive sponsor – A chief customer officer or senior executive that is the key sponsor and advocate for the program, typically with direct access to the CEO. Customer strategy owner – The individual that leads the team, guides day-to-day activities, allocates resources, and tracks initiatives. Program leaders – … [Read More...]

A Sport Few Americans Know Anything About Can Teach Plenty About Leadership

Cricket, the precursor to baseball, was popular in early America. Immigration from South Asia is boosting the sport and displaying the skill required to lead a team. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Apple Pay Moves World Closer to Mobile Payment Acceptance

ApplePay’s recent launch in the U.S. is the latest indication that paying for things with our phones will become more normal, but for most, “normal” remains some way away.

Google’s New Droid Commander Will Keep the Robots Rolling, Experts Say

Meet Google’s new droid commander.

BT’s Trajectory: From Telephony Firm to Content Provider

For the 168-year-old company and former state-run monopoly known as British Telecom, telephony is no longer its primary focus, growth engine or revenue stream.

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