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LinkedIn’s Q1 2016 Earnings

Editor’s Note: We’d like to share with you the announcement related to our 2016 first quarter earnings. Today, we reported our financial results for first quarter 2016. We are off to a good start in 2016 with strength in our core and emerging businesses, and we continue to invest heavily in innovation and in our core products, while at the same time driving focus and scale to enable growth and leverage across the business. Total … [Read More...]

13 Social Media Power Tips for Getting the Job You Want

With 65 percent of employers hiring from social media, it pays to "get social and get hired." … [Read More...]

How These 3 Fashionable Cousins Use Data To Drive Demand

To satisfy customer demand, these entrepreneurs stay on top of buying patterns and emerging trends relevant to their business. … [Read More...]

Common Misconceptions of Text Analytics

Text analytics is a tool that can help to maximize the value of open-ended feedback. Here are some common misconceptions about text analytics: The Silver Lining: this tempting potential has often led to the belief that text analytics is somewhat of a “silver bullet” that can magically and immediately solve all of our customer experience issues. Finding those “nuggets” of insight is probably comparable to actually mining … [Read More...]

Why This CEO Wants Employees to Tell Him ‘F— You!’

At Samuel Adams, you're allowed to drop f-bombs on your boss, but you'd better have a good reason. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Intel Discontinues Some Chips for Mobile Devices

Intel Corp. is discontinuing some chips for mobile devices, the latest sign of a recent strategy shift to focus on fields where the company is more likely to make money.

Are High-Tech Hotels Alluring—or Alienating?

As hotels rush to incorporate cutting-edge technology into the guest experience, travelers are split: While some are turned off by robots and text-based ‘hospitality,’ others love the cool efficiency of a futuristic home-away-from-home.

Fitbit Scores Against Jawbone in Patent Dispute

The International Trade Commission invalidated the last of the patents that AliphCom’s Jawbone said Fitbit had infringed upon, lifting uncertainty around the sale of Fitbit products in the U.S.

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