Empathetic Marketing: How To Connect With Your Customers

Have you made empathetic marketing part of your strategy in 2017? If not, you should. I interviewed Michael Brenner (@BrennerMichael) the CEO of MarketingInsiderGroup.com. Michael has received recognition across the Internet for his knowledge and role in shaping content marketing as we know it today. He’s a sought-after keynote speaker and co-author of The Content Formula. I’m excited to bring his thoughts on empathy to … [Read More...]

The 8 Worst Mistakes in Blogging for Business

Reading Paul Sloane’s list of “The Eight Worst Mistakes Made By Keynote Speakers”, I couldn’t help thinking these are probably the same mistakes made all too often by business blog content writers. Just as Sloane warns speakers “Be sure not to make these mistakes”, I’d like to use this Say It For You blog post to issue the same caution to blog writers. A weak start. “The first impression that you make on the stage is very important.  It should be … [Read More...]

Invaluable Business and Life Lessons I Learned Playing Poker

In life, you have to play the hand you're dealt. … [Read More...]

World-class strategy and alignment

Customer experience initiatives begin with a solid strategy that is aligned with the objectives of the business. This means it is essential to have specific goals and plans in place for CX initiatives to generate business outcomes. World-class strategy and alignment occurs when: Customer experience objectives align with the overall business strategy. There is a documented customer experience strategy which is visible throughout the … [Read More...]

How comfortable are you being vulnerable with your team members?

SmartPulse -- our weekly nonscientific reader poll in SmartBrief on Leadership -- tracks feedback from more than 210,000 business leaders. We run the poll question each week in our e-newsletter. How comfortable are you being vulnerable with your team members? Very -- I have no problem being seen as vulnerable: 43% Somewhat -- I'll occasionally make myself vulnerable in small ways: 40% Not very -- It's rare that I make myself vulnerable: 13% Not … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Alibaba Group Revenue Surges

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding said third-quarter revenue rose 54% to $7.7 billion, as Chinese consumers turned to the internet to buy everything from apparel to home appliances and food.

Samsung Looks to Repair Consumer Trust

Samsung Electronics’ apology and diagnosis of the Galaxy Note 7’s battery problems marked the company’s most concerted attempt to move past its biggest recent crisis, but concerns over product safety could continue to weigh on its brand.

‘Clash of Clans’ Developer Ups Its Game After Sales Dip

Supercell’s CEO said the mobile-game developer learned from a dip in revenue for its “Clash” franchise and is now back on track.

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