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Warning: Your LinkedIn Profile May Be Missing Valuable Information

I field lots of questions each week about LinkedIn, but one of the most-asked questions is:  What information should I include on my LinkedIn profile? As a general rule, if your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then you should include the information on your profile: . Does putting this on my profile add to my story or increase my credibility? . Does putting this on my profile make it easier for people to find me? . If I do … [Read More...]

The 11 Most Frequently Photographed Cups of Coffee on Instagram (Infographic)

Coffee shots on Instagram are a staple. Here are the blends that generate the most social traction. … [Read More...]

Bouncing Back From Failure, a Fitness Business Gets It Right

MaxOut Strength Systems went through a serious rough period. … [Read More...]

Changing the Way We Do Things – Developing a More Proactive CX Culture

Let’s face it – we all resist change to a certain degree. In personal situations, while I struggle with change, I do feel that I am at least in control of my own decisions.  In a business context, we often are not given the choice depending on whether it is a top-down mandate or a requirement to stay relevant in our industries.  We often hear, “you must change for this reason”, right? Being unwilling to change … [Read More...]

Who and what to ask before hatching your plan to lead

This post is adapted from “All Hands on Deck:: Navigating Your Team Through Crises, Getting Your Organization Unstuck and Emerging Victorious (Career Press, 2015) by Peter Boni, managing principal, Kedgeway,Inc., and former CEO of Safeguard Scientifics. So here you are, brand new in a role or considering taking one to reposition an organization or department. It has run aground, faces critical issues, and isn’t performing up to its … [Read More...]

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Tesla Presses Its Case on Fuel Standards

Tesla is preparing to make a public case this week for leaving mileage and emissions regulations intact, or making them even more stringent.

Drones Are Put on a Leash

The commercial promise of drones has been limited by their short battery lives and propensity for flying off. Now some companies believe they have a solution: tie the drones to the ground with tethers hundreds of feet long.

Virtual Reality Isn’t Just About Games

Virtual reality is going to be much bigger, much more compelling, and much less trivial than what its earliest adopters have so far envisioned, says Keywords columnist Christopher Mims.

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