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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Produce More Leads

When people discover your LinkedIn profile, you obviously want to make a great first impression–and if you include the right information, they’ll be encouraged to contact you. Here are some simple but powerful ways to enhance your profile. . Headline. You can include 128 characters in your Headline. This is the first thing people see, so be creative and use keywords. Consider including a call to action. . Summary and Advice for … [Read More...]

What Matters More, the Quality or Size of Your Social Media Audience?

Should brands seek to bring on as many followers on as many platforms as possible? … [Read More...]

The Ultimate Guide to Learning Anything Faster

Want to master business skills, a new language, a musical instrument? Uset these six principles. … [Read More...]

Seven myths about driving results

One of the most challenging aspects of any customer program is taking action on results. Here are seven myths that can get businesses distracted from driving the most effective business results: It’s a fad.  Customer experience is increasingly becoming more and more a part of how companies do – or should do – business. You need a huge team to pull off a CX program.  CX teams come in all shapes and sizes, and sit … [Read More...]

Want front-line leaders and players to make great decisions? Clear the fog

It was another late night returning home from a business trip this week. Spring weather in Denver has been rainy for a week straight. We need the moisture (not as badly as other parts of the country), so no complaints. The overcast was heavy with a light sprinkle as I left the airport on the hour’s drive to our mountain neighborhood. There was little traffic at midnight. When I got within 2┬ámiles of our home, a heavy fog stopped me … [Read More...]

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Tech Firms Seek Ways to Fend Off Activist Investors

While some have just surrendered, others are fighting back with tactics like granting founders special stock that gives them control over key decisions.

Snapchat CEO: We Have a Plan for an IPO

Snapchat now ranks among the most popular social-networking services in the world, approaching 100 million users logging on every day.

What’s Hot in the Art World? Algorithms

Dealers in digital art are amassing algorithms, the computerized formulas that automate processes from stock-market sales to social networks. But it’s a very abstract art form.

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