World Refugee Day 2018: Building Bridges to Opportunity

Each of us has our own background that helps shape who we are. Our experiences allow us to bring new perspectives, offer new ways of thinking and working, and contribute in ways that others might not be able to. This World Refugee Day, we’re celebrating the contributions that refugees all over the world offer our teams and communities. Having fled their homes to build better, safer lives, they inspire us in the pursuit of their own definition of … [Read More...]

Your Social Media Profile Can Make the Difference Between Being Accepted or Rejected to Harvard

Make sure that your social media channels make you look good -- important people are probably checking your profile. … [Read More...]

Everything You Need to Know About IGTV, Instagram’s New Longform Video App

It will be a standalone app as well as a section within the regular Instagram app. … [Read More...]

Put the customer in your customer journey map

Mapping the customer journey is not complete—or valuable—without the customer. It’s true that journey maps are the product of internal, cross-functional teams joining together to think and act like customers, but all too often companies stop short of validating their journey map with actual customer input.   Depending on the situation and company, the methods Continue reading The post Put the customer in your customer journey map appeared … [Read More...]

5 ways you can move outside your comfort zone

After 20 years as an investigative agent, I found myself in a comfort zone. Safely ensconced in familiar territory, I balked when asked to be the spokesperson for the FBI in Northern California. It sounded like fun and even a little glamorous because I would be interviewed by local and national news media. So why did I hesitate when offered the job? I would move from being the senior agent on my squad, where I knew everything about my job, to a … [Read More...]

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What About Amazon? Dow’s GE Move Reflects Index’s Dilemma

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has ejected numerous blue-chip industrial companies over the past decade in an effort to adapt a 19th-century index to a 21st-century economy. That path has become increasingly fraught, in part because of the limitation…

Match Group Deepens Its Connection With Dating-App Hinge

Match Group Inc. has added Hinge to its stable of dating apps, acquiring a controlling stake in the Tinder-competitor that is popular with millennials.

Instagram Unveils New Long-Form Video Hub

Facebook’s Instagram launched a new hub for long-form video, the company’s latest attempt to compete with the likes of YouTube and Snapchat.

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