Should You Hide Your LinkedIn Connections?

Should you let your 1st level connections see all of your other 1st level connections? Should you let them search into the entire list? This question can lead to a lively debate. Typical answers include: That’s not fair! Networking is about sharing and Of course, I hide them—that’s my client list! or You want to have your cake and eat it too if you hide them. But how many people are actually hiding their connections from their network? On my … [Read More...]

Are the Words in Your Blog as Valuable as the Products and Services They Describe?

“The industry realized the words they used to describe diamonds were as valuable as the stones they pulled from the ground,” Alina Simone writes in “Do You Know What This Is?” in Mental Floss Magazine. Simone was discussing the DeBeers Company’s 1938 advertising blitz aimed at pulling the diamond market out of its Depression-era slump. “On the market, a diamond is much more than a meta-stable allotrope of carbon – it’s everlasting love,” Simone … [Read More...]

Creative Ways to Use Video Livestreaming to Boost Your Business

These days, it's hard to miss the fact that video -- especially livestreaming -- is a big and powerful way to deliver your message. … [Read More...]

Which employees should be involved when creating a customer-centric culture?

Once your organization has made the decision and commitment to being customer focused, you will want to engage your colleagues – at least the ones who impact the customer experience.    You’ve likely heard of Six Degrees (aka Kevin Bacon game), which builds on the idea any two people on Earth are only six or fewer acquaintances apart. Connections between your teammates and your customers are much closer than … [Read More...]

Melinda Gates: “There’s nothing we do alone” to solve global problems

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s vaccine-related work has helped to cut global childhood mortality rates in half since 1990. To be a leader in this and other global and domestic initiatives in health and education, the Gates Foundation calls upon governments, organizations and private industry to collaborate.“There’s nothing we do alone, not a single thing our foundation does alone,” said Melinda Gates, foundation co-chair, at an American … [Read More...]

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Salesforce Would Have Bid ‘Much Higher’ for LinkedIn Inc. Chief Executive Marc Benioff, who lost a bidding war for LinkedIn Corp. to Microsoft Corp., told the social networking company that he would have made a stronger bid had it continued talks with him after its call for final offers. T…

PayPal and Visa Make Up, on Visa’s Terms

PayPal has gained access to Visa’s mobile-payments system but given up a lot in return.

Nvidia Shows Off New Titan X Chip

Nvidia Corp. unveiled a new chip for well-heeled gaming enthusiasts that it hopes will also appeal to artificial-intelligence specialists.

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