Nobody Does It Alone: Learn How to Lean on the People Around You

As we pursue our careers, each of us relies on mentors, teachers, parents, and colleagues for advice, motivation and support. Every member we met in our “Every calling is great if greatly pursued” series was lifted up by the people in their lives. As we build our network, it’s important to nurture them along the way. Below are a few important lessons we heard from our members about how to surround yourself with people who will cheer you on: … [Read More...]

No Need for Those Serious, Sometimes Fatal Effects

“In recent months, the FDA has been talking with drugmakers, medical groups and consumer groups about ways to make (pharmaceutical) ads clearer and drive home the most important safety risks,” reports the Chicago Tribune on August 11th. As an example, reporter John Russell talks about Humira, the best-selling drug in the world, made by AbbVie of North Chicago.  While the video portion of the ad portrays an attractive, self-confident woman leading … [Read More...]

20 Subway Facts That May Surprise You

From fashion shows to 11-inch 'footlongs,' these pieces of trivia may make your jaw drop enough to fit one of the restaurant's signature sandwiches. … [Read More...]

When to use journey maps

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the ways in which a customer interacts with a company, a product, or service. Here are some reasons to use a Journey Map: To set the foundation for the customer experience strategy To align internal perspectives to external perceptions To establish viable goals To identify and prioritize gaps in your ability to deliver the desired customer experience To creates a unified vision To … [Read More...]

3 Reasons Why Attitude Is More Important to Your Company Than Aptitude

You can help employees develop better skills but attitude is something they need to have all on their own. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Rovio Entertainment Plans Sequel to ‘Angry Birds’ Movie

Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish maker of the “Angry Birds” mobile game, said it plans a sequel to its successful animation movie based on the irascible fowls.

Tech Startups Struggle to Close Deals With IT Buyers

Startup products and services for enterprises, while more accepted than a few years ago, still face significant resistance on the path toward revenue.

Google Search Will Penalize Mobile Sites With Interstitial Ads

Starting next year, Google could begin sending less traffic to mobile websites if they make use of interstitials—the pop-ups that can take up users’ screens, often with advertising.

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