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Getting Off the Sidelines: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

When Senator Gillibrand visited LinkedIn last week for her Speaker Series talk, she not only impressed us with her legislative accomplishments; she demonstrated the importance of telling stories — our stories, and the stories of those we serve or who need our help. This is how she is able to make a difference — by sharing her story and the story of others to inspire change.  She encouraged all of us to make our voices heard to change the … [Read More...]

Business Marketing 202: Doing the Who’s Who Right

In blog marketing, I’ve found, getting things right often follows noticing things that are already right, then applying those techniques to our own business needs. Case in point: the “Who’s Who @the Federation page in the magazine from the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis. In corporate blogging training sessions, I like to stress how important it is to blog in first person.  First person shows the people behind … [Read More...]

The 4 Qualities of Businesses That Should Advertise on Facebook

While every business can advertise on Facebook, not every business should. Find out what makes Facebook ads a good choice for your company. … [Read More...]

Using results to implement change in the company

The right culture, a solid strategy, good intelligence, and action – all are good, but they don’t always guarantee that change will occur. Follow through is important to ensure that change is implemented effectively, measured carefully, and constantly modified to optimize its impact. In order to implement change, consider the following: Are people willing to change? People in your company need to be open to new ideas that will lead … [Read More...]

What you don’t know can hurt you: 12 tips for presenting on-camera

You prepare. Practice. Revise. Prepare some more. Practice again. You have a solid presentation ready to go. And yet somehow, it all falls flat when the camera rolls. And you just don’t know why. When presenting “on camera,” what you don’t know can hurt you. Fortunately, there are a few trade secrets that can make the difference between mayhem and magic. With the help of trusted colleagues Glenn Gautier (executive producer, 2+Communications), and … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

The Screen That Makes Desktops Relevant Again

Retina iMac review: Apple’s 5K display boasts an overwhelming number of pixels for the most demanding photo or video jobs.

Yahoo Earnings: What to Watch

Yahoo, facing pressure from activist investor Starboard Value, is expected to discuss how the company plans to use its proceeds from the Alibaba IPO when it reports earnings Tuesday.

Staples Warns of Possible Data Breach

Staples may be the latest retailer to be hacked, as the office-supply chain said it is investigating a possible card data breach.

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