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Are Your LinkedIn Messages Inadvertently Causing Hard Feelings?

By now you’ve probably discovered that the LinkedIn messaging system received a significant overhaul last fall–and most people appear to be unhappy about the change. In the past, when LinkedIn has heard the clamor of the crowd, they’ve sometimes chosen to abandon the new and revert back to the “old way.” So far that hasn’t happened with the messaging system, but I’m hoping they’ll eventually see the … [Read More...]

How to Be a Valuable LinkedIn Connection to People You Haven’t Met in Real Life

LinkedIn is great for building your network and reaching out to new contacts (even those you've never met). Here's how to make meaningful connections. … [Read More...]

This Franchisee ‘Fell in Love’ With Her Product, and Minnesota Is Following Suit

Mary Bigler was a fan of Maui Wowi Hawaiian before she was a franchisee. Today, her enthusiasm has only grown. … [Read More...]

9 Steps for Sticking With Your Marketing Plan

Following these steps throughout the year will help you keep your marketing on track and your business growing. … [Read More...]

How deal desks are shaking up sales organizations

“If you want to have clean water, send it through a filter,” a sales executive said recently. He was discussing the new deal desk function at his company, which consolidates and organizes information for non-standard deals, and makes decisions to keep the sales process moving. “We need visibility and a way to understand the impact of our decisions for non-standard deals. Our deal desk also helps us identify trends.” Deal desks have been used by … [Read More...]

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China’s Factories Hunt for Growing Markets

Chinese manufacturers are turning out 3-D printers, drones and hoverboards to help pull the country through a painful economic transition from infrastructure investment to a consumer-led model.

China’s Buzzing Startups Won’t Slow Down for Slowdown

While factories close and companies downsize across China as slowing economic growth wreaks its toll, Shenzhen has become perhaps one of the world’s most exciting startup hubs.

Twitter Gives 3 Execs Added Compensation

Twitter awarded three senior executives additional compensation that could be worth nearly $55.4 million for taking on heavier workloads amid a reorganization of the management team.

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