Tuesday Tips: How to be an All-Star With Your LinkedIn Profile

Building your LinkedIn Profile to be the best professional representation of you is just the first step in taking your career to the next level. While that may sound like a lot of work, updating your profile shouldn’t feel like a chore. All-Star status is a thing. You’ll notice that on both our desktop and mobile experiences, we’ve added a profile completion meter to help show you how your profile stacks up, with quick tips on how to improve your … [Read More...]

Using the Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs in Your Business Blogging

    “Your listeners are asking themselves ‘Why should I care?’ Carmine Gallo reminds marketers in his business skills and development book The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. Jobs, the author reminds readers, is the guy who transformed business presentations into an art form. Using those presentation secrets, a top Apple executive said, you can: take charge of any room sell products build brands engage teams convey ideas … [Read More...]

How Entrepreneurs Can Hone Their Management Skills to Fuel Production

Entrepreneurs rarely make smooth transitions into managerial roles as their startups mature. Utilize these four strategies to successfully make that leap. … [Read More...]

The Top 28 Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Learn everything you need to know about marketing, growth and entrepreneurship. … [Read More...]

Don’t leave your integrity to chance

How well do you personally model integrity in your day-to-day interactions? People are always watching us, appraising whether we keep our promises and “do what we say we will do.” Colleagues watch us. Neighbors watch us. Family members watch us. Even strangers watch us! If we live with integrity, then those watchers see that we "do what we say we will do." They learn they can trust our word because we back it up with aligned actions. If we don’t … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Uber Plans to Test Flying Cars Within Three Years

Uber detailed ambitious plans to take to the skies with flying cars, as the ride-hailing company is reeling from a series of controversies including a lawsuit that could impede its crucial self-driving vehicle initiative.

WeWork to Take ‘Co-Working’ to Corporate Level

WeWork Cos., the startup that caters to entrepreneurs looking for communal office space, is launching a new business that will put it into direct competition with giants in the commercial real-estate services industry.

At These Startups, HR Comes Before the Ping-Pong Tables

A handful of technology firms are bucking the startup world’s grow-at-all-costs ethos by setting HR policies early and putting workplace culture ahead of growth.

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