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Map Your Professional Journey with SlideShare

You might hold the same job title as thousands of others in your field – but the path you took to arrive your career destination was utterly unique, shaped by your education, experiences, talents and maybe even a bit of serendipity. But as we think about where we’re going, it’s often useful to see just how far we’ve come. SlideShare’s new Professional Journey offers just that: a dynamic interactive look back at all that you’ve accomplished … [Read More...]

The Great, Off-Track, Course Correction Blogging Template

As in the old adage about skinning cats, there are many different ways the same information can be presented in different business blog posts. In fact, at Say It For You, I’m always on the lookout for different “templates”, not in the sense of platform graphics, but for presenting information about any business or professional practice. Leafing through a magazine called Working Moms, I came upon just such a template, one I … [Read More...]

The 5 Biggest Tax differences Between an LLC and Corporation – And what they mean for your business

Among the many decisions you need to make when launching a business is selecting a business structure. Here are a few pointers on the tax benefits of an LLC and corporation. … [Read More...]

Mind-numbing Consistency and CX

Recently, my daughter's swim coach had a parent meeting. During the meeting he talked about one of his coaching philosophies, which the described as mind-numbing consistency. For him, mind-numbing consistency shows up in a swimmers work ethic, having a positive attitude, being a good sport, and putting the team over personal agendas. But, what does mind-numbing consistency looks like for customer experience? It's not about being … [Read More...]

How to keep remote employees enthused, energized and engaged

A 49-year-old father of two hits his alarm clock at 6:30 a.m., starts a pot of coffee and prepares for his daily commute. For the past three years, Bill Lewis has worked for a large company based in the heart of New York City; even though his home in Texas is nearly 2,000 miles from the office, Bill’s daily commute only takes him a few steps. Along with a rapidly growing percent of America’s workforce, Bill Lewis is a telecommuter, a remote … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Googler Jumps From Stratosphere, Breaking Baumgartner’s Record

Google executive Alan Eustace jumped from a helium balloon and fell to earth from over 135,000 feet on Friday, a record.

Google’s Larry Page Hands More Power to Sundar Pichai

Google Chief Executive Larry Page is handing off day-to-day responsibilities for the bulk of Google’s product portfolio to fast-rising executive Sundar Pichai, according to a person familiar with the change.

Google’s Nest Buys Smart Home Startup Revolv

Google’s Nest Labs unit has acquired startup Revolv, the latest move by the Internet giant to expand in the fast-moving market for smart home gadgets.

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