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Is the New LinkedIn Home Page Frustrating You?

The masses are saying, Help, Wayne! I want my old LinkedIn home page back! Sorry, my friends. I know I’m the LinkedIn expert, but I don’t have a simple solution. As a matter of fact, some of the home-page features we’ve grown to love are no longer available. We can only hope and pray that they’ll return in some form or fashion. However, I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath until they return. But let me share with … [Read More...]

Why Denny’s Sounds Like a Chill Teenager on Social Media

Find out how this restaurant chain was able to go viral with one of the most unique social-media strategy in the business. … [Read More...]

Why Boomers Might Be the Breakout Stars of Entrepreneurship (Infographic)

Many of the individuals born 1946 to 1964 are gearing up to launch a business of their own. … [Read More...]

The Giant Marketing Opportunity You’re Missing

Even if consumers happen to visit your site, they may not stay for long.-- which is why this one marketing trick can make all the difference. … [Read More...]

Apple’s Tim Cook on Leadership: ‘The Most Important Data Points Are People’

Cook, who took over for Steve Jobs in 2011, stresses that CEOs need to make swift decisions. … [Read More...]

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At Google, the Science of Working Better

Keywords: Google’s guru of human resources, Laszlo Bock, says work is made better through transparency, goal setting, frequent performance reviews and a less-hierarchical structure. And, of course, hiring smart, conscientious and humble people.

Facebook Woos Chinese Advertisers

Facebook is waging a charm campaign to draw more business from Chinese companies, even though Chinese users can’t access its service.

U.S. Coding Website GitHub Hit With Cyberattack

A popular U.S. coding website is enduring an onslaught of Internet traffic meant for China’s most popular search engine, in an episode that security experts say represents a likely attempt by China to shut down anticensorship tools.

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