Rock Your Next Interview: Mastering Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interview questions are the “Tell me about a time...” questions. They prompt you to talk about your past experiences so you can demonstrate you have particular skills. Demonstrating you have these “soft” skills is incredibly important to proving you’re the right candidate for the job, but the questions can be tricky. Here’s what hiring managers had to say about behavioral interview questions during a recent survey*: Behavioral … [Read More...]

Basically, We Bought Their Car For Them

  At a recent study session for financial planners, Waypoint Residential’s Todd Patterson made it really easy for us in the audience to understand exactly how excellent a return Waypoint had managed to generate for its investors over the last two years. After comparing dollars invested and dollars realized, Patterson summed up the situation in these simple terms:  “Basically, we bought their car for them.” Let’s face it – most business … [Read More...]

3 Unique Paths to Improving Office Productivity

Don't make your employees work longer -- incentivize them to work better. … [Read More...]

7 Ways to Snag Tourist Dollars and Keep Locals Happy at the Same Time

If you want to defy the old adage, "You can't please everyone," learn the marketing secrets of South Beach's hot spots. … [Read More...]

Goodwill isn’t just an asset, it’s also a strategy

Each month, When Growth Stalls examines why businesses and brands struggle and how they can overcome their obstacles and resume growth. Steve McKee is the president of McKee Wallwork + Co., an advertising agency that specializes in working with stalled, stuck and stale brands. The company was recognized by Advertising Age as 2015 Southwest Small Agency of the Year. McKee is also the author of “When Growth Stalls” and “Power Branding.” SmartBrief … [Read More...]

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Facebook’s Oculus Cuts Headset Price to Lure Consumers

Facebook’s Oculus VR is dropping the price of its Rift virtual-reality headset by $100, in a bid to spur sales after a rocky first year for the device.

Which Yoga App Is Best for Me?

Whether you’re seeking a traditional studio experience or the tree pose of the future, there’s an Android or iPhone yoga app for you. A review of ‘Gaia,’ ‘Yogi’s Anonymous,’ ‘Down Dog’ and ‘Yoga Studio.’

Can Nintendo’s Switch Balance Portable and Home Gaming?

Games including “1-2 Switch” and “Zelda” are a blast, but without more titles and online services, Nintendo’s new Switch videogame console feels like a beta test, writes Nathan Olivarez-Giles.

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