The downside of sales hustle and automation

Are your sales reps hitting the phones and sending more cold emails? To drive growth, the mandate for sales organizations is to make more calls, send more emails. Sales reps are hustling and using automated tools to move faster. But sales hustle and automation have a downside: they can hurt customer experience and push people […] The post The downside of sales hustle and automation appeared first on the B2B Lead Blog. … [Read More...]

Business Blog Writing to Boost Readers’ Brains – and your Own

Turns out I was right about the “training effect” of a business blog. When you blog, I like to say, you verbalize the positive aspects of your business in a way that people can understand. You put your recent accomplishments down in words. You review the benefits of your products and services and keep them fresh in your mind. In other words, you are constantly providing yourself with training about how to talk effectively about your … [Read More...]

How the UAE’s New Minister of AI Views the Future Of Tech in His Desert Nation

How this 27-year-old is gearing up to make the United Arab Emirates a world leader in artificial intelligence. … [Read More...]

Netflix Shows Are Entertaining But Its Digital Marketing Is Masterful

Effective digital marketing has more to do with creative strategies focused on the individual customer than it does with big budgets and advanced technology. … [Read More...]

Leadership lessons from fear and cancer

SmartBrief illustration This is the latest in a series called Lead Human, which features interviews and profiles conducted by Elliot Begoun in search of answers to the question "What is it like to be a leader?" Dan Shorr, the founder of Vice Cream, spent his college summers driving an ice cream truck. After college, he followed a typical career path. He went to work at a large consumer products company and started to climb the ladder. Then, it … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

The New Snapchat: Less Social, More Fun

Snap Inc.’s overhaul of its core app splits the social from the media—but is that enough to survive?

Using Yelp to Find the Next Hot Neighborhood

Research shows Yelp reviews might offer clues as to when a neighborhood is about to start gentrifying.

Qualcomm Raises Bid for Chip Maker NXP to $44 Billion

Qualcomm raised its bid for NXP Semiconductors to about $44 billion and locked up support from key investors, as the chip maker seeks to fend off a $121 billion hostile takeover approach by Broadcom.

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