LinkedIn Unveils The Top Skills That Can Get You Hired In 2017, Offers Free Courses for a Week

According to our data, job applications spike on LinkedIn in October. So chances are you or someone you know is thinking about landing a new gig. That’s why today, we’re revealing the Top Skills of 2016 — our annual list of the skills employers need most in candidates. We break it down globally and in 14 countries (click through the SlideShare below to view the Top Skills of 2016 across all countries): The Global Top Skills of 2016 list reveals … [Read More...]

The Power of “When” in Blog Marketing – Part B

After reading some of the insights about time and timing in Michael Breus’ book The Power of When, I couldn’t help thinking of the tremendously influential role timing plays when we’re marketing a business or professional practice by publishing blog posts. The most obvious time-based question, of course, is how often we should be posting blogs. “It’s easy to be immediately overwhelmed by the thought that you have to post multiple times daily,” … [Read More...]

The Tools That 5 Highly Productive Entrepreneurs Use

Slack. Tripit. Dropir. SproutSocial: Is your head spinning yet? Here are recommendations for the best productivity tools to use. … [Read More...]

Using social media as a complement to VoC

Social media has emerged as a tool customers use to gather insights about products, services, and brands. However, social sources by themselves are not enough and can even be misleading. By relying solely on social media chatter, companies can end up focusing on the loudest voice instead of the areas that truly influence buying behaviors. By combining social media with a more structured and representative customer intelligence from a … [Read More...]

Here’s Why I’m Talking Openly About Race at Work

Here's why we should really start talking about race at work and with our co-workers, managers, and friends—and how one company already is. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Visa Taps Blockchain for Cross-Border Payment Plan

Visa is putting a bitcoin-style network to work as it aims to take on a new market, the large and complex cross-border payments made between businesses.

AT&T Seeks to Shake Up Pay TV

After spending nearly $50 billion last year to acquire DirecTV, AT&T is preparing to roll out an internet video service that could upend its satellite-television business along with the rest of the pay-TV industry.

China’s LeEco to Sell Smartphones, Smart TVs in U.S.

Chinese technology and entertainment company LeEco staged a showy U.S. debut Wednesday, but its presentation raised as many questions as it answered.

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