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Raising the Bar on Social Impact: Announcing LinkedIn Nonprofit Innovation Grants 2014 [SLIDESHOW]

LinkedIn’s vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. As Co-Chair of the LinkedIn for Good for Employees Grants Program, I’m inspired everyday by fellow employees who contribute to this vision above and beyond their day jobs. For this reason, two years ago, we created the Employee Grants Program as an opportunity to support employee commitment to social innovation. Employees apply for $10,000 USD to support … [Read More...]

In Order to Engage Blog Readers, Avoid Spoon-Feeding

“Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.” I was hearing this phrase for the first time, spoken by a police chief in a news broadcast, but later learned that the saying has been around for decades. As a writer, I’m always fascinated by what makes certain word combinations pack such tremendous power.  In this case, I concluded, it was because I. as the listener, needed to go through a certain thinking process in order to get the meaning. … [Read More...]

How This App Is Making Networking Less Work

A one-stop networking tool called Discover.ly shows people their email recipients' social-media updates in one sidebar. … [Read More...]

Common obstacles with using customer insights

Every customer strategist has the responsibility to make sure the voice of the customer gets put to use. Here are some common obstacles that could be encountered with getting your company to use customer insights: They aren't aware. Since they don't know about it or don't receive feedback from their customers, naturally they're not going to mention it. They don't understand it. They may receive reports from the person … [Read More...]

10 Inspirational Quotes on Leadership From the NFL’s Greatest Coaches

Like business leaders, these men understand the importance of grit, tenacity and poise in high-stakes situations. … [Read More...]

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Nadella’s Charmed First Year as Microsoft CEO Comes to an Abrupt End

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first year on the job was like the last few minutes of the NFC Championship game for his beloved Seattle Seahawks. Almost nothing could go wrong — until Monday.

Pinterest Pushes Ads Further Toward Users’ Personal Spaces

Advertisements are beginning to invade Pinterest users’ personal spaces.

Apple Earnings: What To Watch

IPhone sales, Apple Pay and the Apple watch will be key discussion points when Apple reports after the bell Tuesday.

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