Accelerating LinkedIn’s Vision Through Innovation

This morning, I joined our CEO Jeff Weiner on stage to share how we are accelerating our vision to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce (watch the recorded livestream). Over the last year, our product and engineering teams have rebuilt and in some cases, completely overhauled, our core member experiences, with the goal of helping our 450+ million members get the most value they can from LinkedIn. We want all of our … [Read More...]

Bring Just Enough, Not Too Much, to the Beginning of Your Blog Post

“Occasionally, speakers try to bring too much to their opening paragraph.  They essentially give away the punchline of their talk, writes Chris Anderson, head of TED Talks. Instead of giving it all away up front, he advises, imagine what kind of language will seduce the audience into wanting to come along for the ride. Ineffective opening:  “Today I’m going to explain to you that the key to success as an entrepreneur is determination.” Effective … [Read More...]

How Small Business Networking Strengthens Your Personal Brand

Networking can be defined as the building, maintaining and developing of relationships. … [Read More...]

Quarterly business review agenda

Here is a proven agenda for quarterly business review meeting that allow collaboration to take place with mutual benefits and interest.  Business Impact: Review of joint success metrics Accomplishments/lessons learned Confirmation of long-term goals News & Activity Review: Customer/supplier business news Product usage/activity update Support review – ticket trends, resolution Best Practice … [Read More...]

Put passion into your pocket when you argue

Passion may hurt you more than help you in your next argument. That’s a conclusion of new research into persuasion by a pair of university academics and reported by Shankar Vedantam of NPR. Passion, often highly prized by leaders, may actually work against that leader if he or she is trying to reach out to someone who may not agree with them. This new research into persuasion really is confirmation of what all good leaders do when seeking … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Oculus Founder Says He Gave Money to Pro-Trump Group

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Facebook’s Oculus virtual-reality unit, confirmed he financially backed Nimble America, a pro-Donald Trump group that paid for advertising mocking Hillary Clinton.

Snapchat Releases First Hardware Product: Spectacles

Evan Spiegel, CEO of renamed Snap Inc., calls the video-sharing sunglasses “a toy” but sees an upside to freeing his app from smartphone cameras.

Yahoo Executives Detected a Hack Tied to Russia in 2014

The intrusion was launched from computers in Russia and sought data on 30 to 40 targeted users of the company’s online services who did business in Russia, a person familiar with the matter said.

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