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Business Lessons from the Front Line: LinkedIn Speaker Series with General Stanley McChrystal

Change is a hard to accept, let alone enact. This is especially true when you have to change an industrial mindset that has established and maintained its rigid structure for centuries. It requires painful introspection, grueling self-reflection, and salesmanship to convince others of your discovery. But most of all, it requires a leader to step forward. Between 2003-2008, General Stanley McChrystal served as the commander the Joint Special … [Read More...]

Blog Writing for the Rando?

“I may be a rando when I cross your field of vision,” says Luc Sante.  Randos, he explains, are people who show up at your party uninvited or who patronize your favorite hangout but who have no connection with your crowd. To put it another way, a rando is Not One of Us. As business blog content writers, of course, we’re trying to target the “right kind” of readers, those with an interest in our topic, value our products and services and are … [Read More...]

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Learning as Fast as You Can

To become better at something, you need to take action, remain focused and stay motivated. … [Read More...]

Getting employees engaged CX

"How can I get our employees more engaged in our customer experience efforts?" That question was raised in a networking meeting with about a dozen customer experience professionals from various companies in our local area. All agreed that it's a tough issue. After all, to really be effective with your CX programs you need to get people on-board.  To tackle the issue, each person at the meeting reviewed 10 cards, each listing a … [Read More...]

The coming leadership revolution

In the summer of 2012, we were still limping out of the throes of an economic Armageddon. The mood around the country was dark and gloomy. I yearned to focus on leaders with vision, values, and integrity, as the global recession was prompted by the absence of these very characteristics in key leadership positions. I longed to reaffirm that all great institutions are built by leaders at all levels who demonstrate the bedrock values of integrity … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

UBS Building Virtual Coin For Mainstream Banking

Swiss bank UBS is working on a prototype virtual currency that it hopes will be used by banks and financial institutions as a basis to settle mainstream financial markets transactions.

Gay Activists Protest Rentboy Raid

Gay-rights and civil-liberties groups demanded that charges be dropped against the chief executive and several employees of an online male-escort service. Protesters say authorities unfairly targeted a vulnerable community.

Local TV Poses Hurdle to Streaming

The big TV networks and their affiliates are wrangling over which of them will be the ones to negotiate with the new generation of direct-to-consumer streaming services and what each side’s split should be.

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