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Switching Industries No Longer Means Starting Over

Not so long ago, professional success meant decades of dedication to a single company, culminating with the ultimate symbol of a distinguished career – a gold watch. Today, it has become common for people to switch jobs more frequently over the course of their career. In fact, on average, people change companies approximately every five years. As changing companies is common among today’s professionals, shifting careers from one industry to … [Read More...]

Why It Doesn’t Matter Who ‘Owns’ Social Media

An organization's social-media efforts should be the result of combined efforts across departments. … [Read More...]

Reject the Tinder Approach to Sales and Your Business Will Be Thrive Happily Ever After

Sales can be one fling after another but a long-term relationship is far more satisfying. … [Read More...]

The Failing ‘A’ for Why Your Business Is Struggling

Resolving the 'ask deficit' is easier than you think: You just have to muster up the courage. … [Read More...]

6 Traits of Exceptional Military Leaders That Apply in the Business World

A CEO of a frozen yogurt company describes how his experience in the military shared his leadership style. … [Read More...]

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Google Sweetens the Bug Bounty

Google’s security team has a problem.

Three Best What-to-Watch-Now Apps

Overwhelmed by all the options on Netflix and Hulu? An app like Fandor, Fan TV or Flix Roulette help you refine your streaming-video queue.

‘Google Now’ Will Suck In Outside App Data

Google Inc. doesn’t want to lose its perch atop the search market, and it’s looking to the likes of Ford Motor Co., Airbnb Inc., eBay Inc. and a couple dozen other companies to help it do just that.

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