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LinkedIn’s Q2 2015 Earnings

Editor’s Note: We’d like to share with you the announcement related to our 2015 second quarter earnings. We’ll also be providing updates from the earnings call on StockTwits starting at 2pm Pacific Time today. Today, we reported our financial results for the second quarter 2015. We saw good progress in executing on transitions across our business. Revenue for Q2’15 was $712 million, an increase of 33% compared to the same quarter last … [Read More...]

The 11 Most Frequently Photographed Cups of Coffee on Instagram (Infographic)

Coffee shots on Instagram are a staple. Here are the blends that generate the most social traction. … [Read More...]

How This Startup Is Helping Restaurants Be More Efficient About Delivery

DoorDash's web software and app offers restaurants on-demand delivery options using a team of Uber-style drivers. … [Read More...]

Changing the Way We Do Things – Developing a More Proactive CX Culture

Let’s face it – we all resist change to a certain degree. In personal situations, while I struggle with change, I do feel that I am at least in control of my own decisions.  In a business context, we often are not given the choice depending on whether it is a top-down mandate or a requirement to stay relevant in our industries.  We often hear, “you must change for this reason”, right? Being unwilling to change … [Read More...]

Only the sharks survive? The risks of confrontation

The show “Shark Tank,” like much of the media, perpetuates the myth that you have to be aggressive, assertive, even confrontational to advance your career and become a leader; that thoughtfulness, politeness, and the inability to summarize an important idea in less than a minute are crippling diseases; and that the business world is akin to a shark tank where you are likely to be devoured unless you adopt the characteristics of the sharks to … [Read More...]

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Trading Taxis for Uber, Drivers Riding a Boom

As their earnings dwindle, some yellow cab drivers are joining the ranks of Uber drivers cruising around Manhattan waiting for the company’s app to send them to their next fare.

The Just-Smart-Enough Home

Forget Wi-Fi light bulbs and cloud-enabled Crock-Pots. To create a Jetsons-esque dream house, opt for cutting-edge simplicity

Yahoo to Buy Social Shopping Site Polyvore

Yahoo Inc. agreed to buy social shopping site Polyvore Inc., a move intended to enhance the portal’s “Mavens” growth strategy.

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