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Are You Serving Up Leftovers On Your LinkedIn Profile?

Have you been treating the Interests section of your LinkedIn profile like a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers? Interests is a subsection of the Additional Info section and can include up to 1,000 characters. It’s typically displayed way down on the bottom of someone’s profile, and people tend to put the “leftovers” there–statements or terms that don’t seem to fit anywhere else on their profile. The Interests … [Read More...]

Blogging to One-Tank Destinations

Have you visited the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Notre Dame, Indiana? How about the Five Points Fire Museum in Lafayette, IN? I haven’t been to either, but after learning through the Columbian magazine that those would be “one tank destinations” for me (I live in Indianapolis), I’m adding both locations to my vacation day fun possibilities list. There’s a valuable nugget of wisdom in this for us blog content writers, I realize. Had that … [Read More...]

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Social Entrepreneur?

'In particular, the two principles of self-reflection and genuine humility are especially important.' … [Read More...]

Key activities in the Optimize stage of the Optimized CX System

The Optimized CX System is a comprehensive approach that leverages multiple tools and resources to better identify, address, and improve customer experiences. It involves three stages: Discover, Validate, and Optimize. During the Optimize stage, customer experience professionals monitor initiatives, anticipate customer issues, identify growth opportunities, and embed customer intelligence into the processes and systems that employees and … [Read More...]

How ‘Elevator’ Leaders Lift Everyone to Higher Achievement

Part of leading people is learning where they dream of going. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Samsung Replaces Mobile Chief

Samsung Electronics said its mobile chief J.K. Shin and another co-chief executive officer would step back from day-to-day operations, as the South Korean technology giant looks to new leadership.

Some Mannequins Are Losing Their Heads

Vanadals attack some of the robots that have replaced human billboards holding signs directing people to roadside businesses, stealing wigs and body parts.

No Credit History? Your Smartphone Usage Will Do

A handful of Silicon Valley-backed startups are looking to revolutionize lending in the developing world, where banks are scarce and many would-be borrowers have no credit history.

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