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Manage your day like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and other productive people

Whether you swear by Post-It notes or the latest tech tools, attempts to boost your productivity can be never-ending — and a recipe for burnout. How do you cope with the pressure to optimize everything? In our latest series on LinkedIn, “Productivity Hacks,” we asked some of the world’s top business leaders to share their systems and strategies for getting more done in less time. Perhaps more importantly, we also learned what some of these … [Read More...]

Twitter Unveils Easy-to-Use ‘Moments’ Feature That Curates Trending Topics

The new product arrives on the heels of Jack Dorsey's reappointment as CEO. … [Read More...]

6 Signs That You’re Not Cut Out for Entrepreneurship

Prefer following orders? Get along with everyone in your life? Starting a business may not be for you. … [Read More...]

Six characteristics of effective Customer Experience

Companies that set the bar for creating effective customer experiences share many characteristics: Create a customer-centric experience that surrounds their products, services, and processes Develop and protect a culture that places high value on the customer Design products and services to meet the customer’s current and future needs Establish customer-focused processes that promote the ease of doing business Know … [Read More...]

Why Business Leaders Must ‘Clean the Bathroom’

If you look yourself away in an ivory tower and don't stay in touch with employees on the front lines, your business is bound to fail. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Google’s ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ Promises Faster Loads

Google on Wednesday demonstrated a way to make news articles load much faster on mobile Web browsers, as it aims to rival efforts from Facebook, Snapchat and Apple.

Tech Startup Pure Storage Trades Below IPO Price in Market Debut

Flash-storage company Pure Storage opened below its initial public offering price on Wednesday, signaling that a difficult summer for tech IPOs may be seeping into the fall.

Samsung Expects Earnings Rebound Powered by Chips

Samsung’s upbeat third-quarter guidance highlights how its components arm has become a key driver of growth, but even that business faces headwinds as the global supply of chips appears set to outpace demand.

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