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Taking a Chunk Out of the Cost of College: Introducing LinkedIn’s College Scholarship

We hear from students and recent graduates on a daily basis who are struggling in their decision about where to go to school and what to study. Over the course of the last three years, LinkedIn has been working hard to bring students new tools to help them through this decision making process. But an even bigger pain point seems to be figuring out just how they are going to pay for it all. To help with this problem, we are proud to introduce … [Read More...]

Business Marketing 202: Doing the Who’s Who Right

In blog marketing, I’ve found, getting things right often follows noticing things that are already right, then applying those techniques to our own business needs. Case in point: the “Who’s Who @the Federation page in the magazine from the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis. In corporate blogging training sessions, I like to stress how important it is to blog in first person.  First person shows the people behind … [Read More...]

The 5 Elements of Success With an IPO and Beyond

Taking your company public is about more than bringing in a lot of new funds. For one thing, it won't really be your company anymore. … [Read More...]

Using results to implement change in the company

The right culture, a solid strategy, good intelligence, and action – all are good, but they don’t always guarantee that change will occur. Follow through is important to ensure that change is implemented effectively, measured carefully, and constantly modified to optimize its impact. In order to implement change, consider the following: Are people willing to change? People in your company need to be open to new ideas that will lead … [Read More...]

Overworked and overwhelmed? Your answer starts with what you can control

The stress of having too much to do and too little time to get it all done is a wonderfully modern problem. After all, it can mean you wield great authority, are working on big and important problems, and, in many cases at work, you are well-compensated. But being “Overworked and Overwhelmed,” as Scott Eblin named his latest book, is not just some problem we’d all love to have. Being overworked and overwhelmed means you are … [Read More...]

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How Big Data Is Tracking City Life

Researchers are bringing big data into the public sphere, aiming to improve quality of life, save money, and understand cities in ways that weren’t possible only a few years ago.

Thou Shalt Not Hit Send in Anger

Recovery from a snippy email is possible, experts say, but prepare to grovel. Set rules for yourself so next time you can calm down, think, delete and start over.

Virtual Reality Therapy Shows New Benefits

A treatment for war veterans with PTSD now also helps sexual-assault and car-crash survivors. The videogame-like technique forces people to confront hard emotions.

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