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A Straightforward Guide To Effective B2B Lead Generation

Lead-generation ROI is a valuable and traceable metric that will tell you exactly how much bang you're getting for your buck. … [Read More...]

Increase Your Perceived Value With Social Proof — and Charge More

You can start establishing your presence by using customer reviews, testimonials and authority logos. … [Read More...]

8 Rule-Bending Travel Hacks That Help You Fly Like a Boss

A newly nomadic entrepreneur shares his tips to be more comfortable without spending that much more. … [Read More...]

Extraordinary customer experiences

Does your company deliver extraordinary customer experiences? How does an extraordinary experience happen?  One great tool to help answer these questions is a journey map. A journey map provides a complete picture of the customer experience. By investing time in understanding the customer journey, including the people and functions they interact, and enablers and obstacles, companies can identify their unique strengths and areas of … [Read More...]

7 Simple Phrases Effective Leaders Use

It's important to lead by example, but your words matter, too. Here are reassuring, helpful, and impactful phrases powerful leaders use all the time. … [Read More...]

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Women Speak More Assertively on Facebook Than Men, Study Finds

Women on Facebook use slightly more assertive language than men in their status updates, according to a new study, different than how women act in other settings.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet: A First Look at America’s Supergun

The Navy’s experimental railgun fires a hardened projectile at staggering velocity—a battlefield meteorite with the power to blow holes in enemy ships and level terrorist camps.

OtterBox Universe Review: Modular Case and Accessories Transform Your iPhone

No need to remove your case to connect gadgets from OlloClip, SanDisk, PolarPro and more, writes Nathan Olivarez-Giles.

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