5 Lead-Generation Tips For Your eCommerce Company

It all starts with a fabulous home page. … [Read More...]

8 Times Billionaires Were Selfie Stars

They may be worth a lot, but these high net worth individuals still got caught in the lens of a smartphone. … [Read More...]

Franchise of the Day: This Taco Shop Will Have You Feeling Warm and ‘Fuzzy’

After launching the restaurant in 2003, a father and son duo set out to make their Mexican-food concept a franchise. … [Read More...]

Seven signs it’s time to refresh your CX Strategy

Has your customer experience program been around for a while and you are wondering if it is time for a refresh? Here are seven signs that may help you determine if the time is now to make changes. Company mission or branding has changed Stakeholders don’t value or believe the insights Stakeholders are fixed on the number and not taking action Your program is lacking support across key leaders The listening system … [Read More...]

A question of character

Who would you rather have in your life -- a person who lies and cheats or a person who is gracious and supportive?  If both of these people said, “I’ve got some feedback for you,” it is very likely that the lying person would provide insights from their self-serving perspective while the kind person would provide insights from a “service to you” perspective. What would cause a person to lie and cheat, or to be gracious and supportive, or to be … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Kleiner Perkins Raises $1.4 Billion for Two New Funds

Venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has closed two new funds at a combined $1.4 billion.

Amazon Begins Selling Perishable Private-Label Foods

Amazon.com has quietly begun its first broad push into perishable private-label foods, enabling the online retailer to test new products with generally higher profit margins.

Care.Com Receives $46.4 Million Investment From Google Capital

Care.com said Wednesday that it has received a $46.35 million investment from a growth-equity fund linked to Google parent company Alphabet Inc. and used the funds to buy back company shares.

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