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Less is more: You’re about to receive less email from LinkedIn

Many of you have told us that you receive too many emails from LinkedIn. We’re also not immune to the late night talk show host jokes. We get it. And we’ve recently begun to make changes so that the emails you receive are more infrequent and more relevant. Here are two of the most recent examples: If you are getting too many invitations to connect, we have begun to send you a single weekly digest in place of individual emails. If you … [Read More...]

Enterprise Tech Takes the Guess Work Out of Influencer Marketing

Influencers have been a shot in the dark for companies making a play on social media. That's changing in important ways. … [Read More...]

A Carpet Care Company’s Unconventional Path to Franchising

Franchisor, contractors and franchisees worked together to help create MilliCare Textile and Carpet Care franchise. … [Read More...]

Forget ‘Coffee’s For Closers.’ Instead, Think: ‘Content’s for Closers.’

Five ways to get your sales and marketing teams to work together on content that will help you close deals. … [Read More...]

Enhancing your executive edge

Why do some people get ahead and others do not? That’s the thought-provoking question addressed by authors Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston in the book “Enhancing Your Executive Edge.” According to the authors, what distinguishes those who succeed in moving up the ladder is their “executive edge,” a presence that projects leadership, confidence, and credibility. I couldn’t agree more! Increasingly. I am being invited to work with clients … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Scientists in Greece Design Cryptographic e-Voting Platform

2,500 years after they first designed democracy’s core operating system, the Greeks are giving it an upgrade. A team of researchers in Athens say they’ve designed the world’s first encrypted e-voting system where voters can verify that votes cast actually go to the intended candidate.

The Newest Job in Sports: Videogame Coach

The growing money and fame in videogame tournaments over the past several years has hatched a field of coaches and other professionals who want in.

Sony Earnings: What to Watch

Sony is scheduled to announce its first-quarter earnings after the Tokyo market closes on Thursday. Here’s what you need to know.

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