#BIYP: An Opportunity to Say Thanks for Everything They’ve Taught You

Today, November 16, is one of my favorite days at LinkedIn. On our annual Bring In Your Parents Day more than a quarter of our employees will invite someone who helped shape them as a person and professional to come to work with them to learn about what they do. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to bring their full, authentic selves to work every day, and the people who help shape us are a big part of that. It’s great for our employees – … [Read More...]

We’ll-Just-Tell-You-Why-It-Should-Be-Us blogging for Business

At first glance, the WageWorks ad (the company provides Health Savings Accounts for employees) seems incredibly boastful: “We won’t tell you which HSA to pick.  We’ll just tell you why it should be us.” On second glance, this ad reminds me of two points I made about thought leadership in recent posts on this Say It For You blog. One refers to a Wall Street Journal Magazine story about Kasper Egelund, the Danish kitchen company CEO. Egelund tells … [Read More...]

The Surprising Thing That Can Sap Your Motivation

Take control of your emotions and energy with this tip. … [Read More...]

This Photo-Sharing App Stands By an Authentic Marketing Experience

A combination of social media tactics and sponsorships help Twenty20 make a mark in the photography sphere. … [Read More...]

Managers put people first

“What is it you really do?” That question was posed to my wife, a senior health care executive, during a conversation with a student who was interning in her institute. To anyone in management, the question will raise a smile. Unless you have been a manager, you may not know exactly what management is or what managers actually do. Here’s my answer: Managers get things done right. Effective managers are those who succeed by bringing out the best … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Cryptocurrency Hangover Weighs on Nvidia

Nvidia shares tumbled 18% after the chip maker projected declining revenue for the current quarter as it works through excess inventory left over from the cryptocurrency boom.

Facebook Says Criticism of Its Russia Response Is ‘Unfair’

Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook board took issue with a report suggesting the social-media giant deliberately played down the impact of Russian interference on the platform.

The ‘Prosperity Bomb’ of an Amazonian Invasion

If Seattle is a guide, Amazon’s arrival in New York and Virginia will be transformative, but will also bring headaches, what some Seattleites call the Amazon prosperity bomb.

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