Being #ProudAtWork: Stories of Inclusion and Belonging

At LinkedIn, we want each of our employees to feel empowered to be their authentic selves at work. In honor of Pride month, we invited employees around the world to share their stories around what being their true selves at work means to them. Diversity and inclusion are key priorities for us and when employees truly feel that they belong, we see how wonderfully diverse teams can come together to make magic happen. Below are just a few of the … [Read More...]

7 Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tips for Becoming a Data-Savvy Marketer

Social networks provide us with a ton of data about our posts but it can be hard to distinguish the signals from the noise. … [Read More...]

VRcade: Be the First to Open One in Your Town

Virtual-reality arcades offer a way for entrepreneurs to become early adopters in a tech industry poised for exponential growth. … [Read More...]

How Deciding Not to Settle Led Me to a Job I Love

Here's how one Muse user found a job she loves at Digital Air Strike because she didn't settle for just any job. … [Read More...]

Learn the art of avoiding action for the sake of action

Leaders often venerate freneticism. Perhaps this is because our society praises action and sees “getting things done” as the mark of strong leadership. We are continuously reminded that in order to accomplish great things we need to take action quickly, decisively. And action generates more action: it’s a sin in our organizational culture to leave a meeting without action items, no? Moreover, for some of us, our congenital dislike of meetings is … [Read More...]

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In 10 Years, Your iPhone Won’t Be a Phone Anymore

Apple Inc. will still sell an iPhone, but expect the device to morph into a suite of apps and services, enhanced with AI and AR, part of a ‘body area network’ of devices, batteries and sensors.

Google’s ‘Trust Us’ Approach Doesn’t Satisfy Pay Gap Skeptics

Google, which has long portrayed itself as one of the world’s best workplaces, is facing government accusations that it underpays women and resisting pressure to turn over salary data to disprove them.

Google to Stop Reading Users’ Emails to Target Ads

Google said its computers will soon stop reading the emails of its Gmail users to personalize their ads, a move that addresses a longstanding privacy concern about a product that is central to its growing corporate-services business.

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