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Achieving Equal Economic Opportunity: LinkedIn Speaker Series with John Hope Bryant

“Doing good and doing well aren’t mutually exclusive.” This was just one of many important messages LinkedIn Influencer John Hope Bryant delivered when he spoke at LinkedIn, but it is the one that really got me thinking. As a young professional in my 20s working in the private sector, I often struggle with this notion. I’ve always considered myself someone who cares deeply about community and youth empowerment. But what a huge contradiction it is … [Read More...]

Nonsense Comments are Bad News on a Business Blog

For business owners and practitioners newly venturing into blog marketing, it’s becoming downright annoying, to say the least. Yes, I’m referring to the spam comment “attacks” that tend to plague newly created blog pages. Those spam comments appearing on client’s websites appear to fall into three categories (the examples here are real, hard as it may be to believe): 1. Total nonsense, strung together with links to sites writer is … [Read More...]

The 4 Embers of the Entrepreneurial Fire

While these cornerstones can be hard to live by, they are what makes entrepreneurs successful. … [Read More...]

4 Marketing Lessons From Pop-Culture Writer Shea Serrano

Looking to market your first book? Try spreading the word via rappers. … [Read More...]

How to work for a macromanager

No one wants to work for a micromanager. Micromanagers are control freaks, always breathing down their employee’s, telling them how to do everything and inspecting every move they make. Working for a micromanaging boss is one of the most frequently reported reasons employees hate their jobs or hate their bosses. Employees that work for micromanagers probably wish their bosses would just disappear. They dream about what it would be like to go … [Read More...]

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Billion-Dollar Health Startups

A Look at Proteus Digital and Moderna

Kleiner Included Nazre’s Input But Not Name in Ellen Pao Review, Court Hears

A performance review that helped curtail Ellen Pao’s career trajectory at Kleiner Perkins could become a key piece of evidence in a suit alleging discrimination and retaliation.

Qualcomm, Allies Push for New Wireless Standard

Mobile-technology companies meeting at a major industry conference in Barcelona next week face a big issue: how to cope with exploding demand for wireless capacity.

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