Why LinkedIn Recommendations Are More Important Than Ever

With all the recent emphasis on LinkedIn endorsements, is it still important to have recommendations displayed on your profile? This is currently a very common point of confusion on LinkedIn, and I'm here to clear up the confusion. The answer is you better believe it! . LinkedIn Recommendations: The Secrets Revealed This will not be the standard discussion of LinkedIn recommendations—how important they are and how you should strive to get a … [Read More...]

How to Handle Digital Assets of the Deceased

Bet you haven't thought about this lately. … [Read More...]

How to Handle Digital Assets of the Deceased

Bet you haven't thought about this lately. … [Read More...]

Marketers Are Overcoming Unique Challenges to Build Campaigns for the Nascent Cannabis Industry

There is no other industry in the world transitioning from illegal to legal and none that faces a denser web of regulations. … [Read More...]

Sister Corita Kent: 10 rules for collaboration

Collaboration is the holy grail of teamwork. Essential to teaming is a sublimation of ego. You put aside yours aside so that you can listen to someone else’s ideas. Your ego never goes away, nor should it, but you tone it down to be open to something else: learning. This theme resonates in “10 Rules for Students and Teachers.”  The “10 Rules” were originally written by Sister Corita Kent, an influential artist and educator. She was a friend of … [Read More...]

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Los Angeles Leaders Seek Civic Commitment From Tech Industry

The tech sector in Los Angeles has taken off in the shadow of Silicon Valley, but now it is looking to its more famous and successful sibling in the north for lessons on how not to grow.

Will Tech Leave Detroit in the Dust?

As IPO proposals value Uber at an eye-popping $120 billion, auto makers are racing to gain ground in everything from car sharing to driverless technology. At stake: who will control the future of transportation.

Amazon Wants Alexa to Do More Than Just Play Your Music

Amazon.com Inc., battling Google for voice-assistant supremacy, is accelerating efforts to make Alexa more useful, offering developers incentives to add games, enhance AI skills.

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