What Does Your Social Proof Look Like on LinkedIn?

I'm pretty sure that sometime in the last week or so you checked the ratings of a specific product and/or researched what others said about something you wanted to purchase. What others are saying is called social proof. Whether it's a hamburger, a computer, or even a new accountant, we are all looking for information (including social proof) to help us make our decisions. Here's how Hubspot defines social proof: Social proof, also referred to as … [Read More...]

Instagram Now Lets You Share Posts in Stories

You no longer have to take a screenshot or share a link. … [Read More...]

How Moving to a New Country Can Prepare You for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs need to be able to adapt on the fly. Nothing can force you to do that better than a foreign country. … [Read More...]

Rudy Giuliani’s Master Course In How Not to do Marketing

The gaffe filled media whirlwind of the former New York mayor and federal prosecutor is a case study in how not to represent your client. … [Read More...]

What it takes to succeed as a manager

Doing what you love to do can be a long and painful process. That is a lesson that comes through loudly and clearly in the remarkable documentary from Aljoscha Pause called "Trainer!" To succeed in professional football (soccer), you need to do more than strategy and tactics. 1. Connect with players. No two players are alike, as the film makes abundantly clear. Some need clear guidelines; others are self-directed. Some need a kick up the … [Read More...]

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Boston Wants Amazon, but Is There Room?

The possible arrival of Amazon’s second headquarters in East Boston is triggering both hopes and apprehension in a neighborhood already dealing with fallout from surging costs in a growing city.

The Mystery of the $70 Hoodie That’s All Over Facebook

Welcome to dropshipping, where entrepreneurs use social-media and virtual storefronts to flip merchandise from online marketplaces like Alibaba’s AliExpress to customers paying premium prices.

The AI Doctor Will See You Now

Artificial intelligence in medicine promises to alert us to disease or a medical emergency before it happens—if only we can navigate the pitfalls.

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