World Refugee Day 2018: Building Bridges to Opportunity

Each of us has our own background that helps shape who we are. Our experiences allow us to bring new perspectives, offer new ways of thinking and working, and contribute in ways that others might not be able to. This World Refugee Day, we’re celebrating the contributions that refugees all over the world offer our teams and communities. Having fled their homes to build better, safer lives, they inspire us in the pursuit of their own definition of … [Read More...]

Business Blog Title Threesomes

  A couple of years ago at Say It For You, I began calling attention to the idea of using certain literary devices in business blog titles with an eye to making them more “catchy”.  In addition to alliteration, a second creative writing technique is “threesomes”. The same Fortune magazine that used those ten alliterative titles I named in my last post also had at least two good examples of the Power of Three: Introducing MUFG Bank – … [Read More...]

11 Mindset Shifts You Need to Scale Past 7 Figures

Don't be your own biggest obstacle to success. … [Read More...]

Put the customer in your customer journey map

Mapping the customer journey is not complete—or valuable—without the customer. It’s true that journey maps are the product of internal, cross-functional teams joining together to think and act like customers, but all too often companies stop short of validating their journey map with actual customer input.   Depending on the situation and company, the methods Continue reading The post Put the customer in your customer journey map appeared … [Read More...]

Trust is the ultimate tool to unleash your team’s potential

Trust is the keystone to managing a team. Just ask Jack who, after 17 years working job sites for a respected construction company, moved into a management role. Once in his new position, Jack decided to replace the deadbolt on the tool room, which had been broken for years. While there were no immediate or evident concerns about the change from his team, Jack’s assistant manager asked why he felt a locked door was needed now. After all, the tool … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Apple’s Sticky Keyboard Triggers Offer For Free Repairs

Apple sought to head off customer complaints about defective keyboards on its latest MacBook models, saying it will offer free repairs for qualifying devices in the latest overture to users concerned about the performance of one of the company’s signat…

Police: Operator in Self-Driving Uber Crash Was Streaming ‘The Voice’

The test operator of a self-driving Uber car that hit and killed a pedestrian in Arizona last March was streaming the TV show “The Voice” on her phone just before the collision, police say.

The Lesson from Intel: Times Are Changing, Even at the Top

Greater transparency and increased scrutiny have translated into higher turnover in the executive suite.

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