Tips for Searching Like a Pro on LinkedIn

Millions of professionals use LinkedIn Search every week to find potential job candidates, content on topics relevant to their industry, people who may be able to help connect them to opportunity, and much more. To help you more easily find the information you need to be more productive and connect you to relevant opportunities, here are some tips and the latest updates on LinkedIn Search: Same filters, new location To streamline your search … [Read More...]

Business Blog Writing to Boost Readers’ Brains – and Your Own – Part B

The deeper I delved into that delightful little book. Brain-Boosting Challenges, the more I realized how right I’ve been about the “training effect” of a business blog.  As you’re busy describing your accomplishments and reviewing the benefits of your products and services, you’re keeping them fresh in your own mind, constantly providing yourself with training about how to talk effectively about your business. The many brain-boosting ideas and … [Read More...]

Even Through Humble Beginnings, Persistence Wins Over All, Says Gary Vaynerchuk

The VaynerMedia co-founder and CEO goes back to his start in a heartfelt blog post. … [Read More...]

How to Drive Marketing Results When You’re Facing Budget Cuts

You need to get a whole lot better at SEO to get more bang for your marketing buck. … [Read More...]

Secrets for improving on-camera and cross-platform communication

Even for executives accustomed to delivering a presentation to hundreds or thousands of people, speaking on camera can be an unexpected challenge. What looks comfortable and confident on a stage can appear stiff and lifeless on video. It’s important to master this skill, because speaking in this video-driven world with poise and authenticity is essential for taking advantage of an ever-increasing variety of communication platforms, including … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

New HPs Give Fresh Life to Old Businesses

The two companies created from the old Hewlett-Packard have surprised investors—but they still need to prove the growth is sustainable.

Xcerra Calls Off $580 Million Deal Amid Scrutiny

Xcerra Corp. has agreed to terminate its sale to a Chinese group, citing difficulty in securing federal approval for the $580 million deal.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Raises Shareholder Return Target to $7 Billion

Rising sales of storage and networking devices powered Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s core business during the holiday quarter, helping the company raise its annual profit targets while boosting planned returns to shareholders.

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