How to Enhance Your Company’s Brand With Your LinkedIn Profile

Mitch Joel in his ground-breaking 2010 book “Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone” said: A company is no longer made up of anonymous people building one brand; rather, it is made up of many personal brands that are telling your one corporate-brand story in their own personal ways.  This week I want to focus on how you can get your company's story in front of everyone who views your profile and sees … [Read More...]

Steps to Light Up Your Place in the Blogosphere

In coaching financial advisors, John Bowen Jr. writes in Financial Planning, he found that the most successful individuals had a secret weapon at their disposal: the power of their presence. Bowen names steps advisors can take to “light up a room when they enter”.  Blog content writers, I believe, can use every one of those steps to “light up the blogosphere” with their posts: Know your story. “By opening up to others about what’s important to … [Read More...]

Tesla Is Destroying the Competition, and It Means Massive Stock Gains

Elon Musk gets the upper hand on short-sellers. … [Read More...]

Marketers Are Overcoming Unique Challenges to Build Campaigns for the Nascent Cannabis Industry

There is no other industry in the world transitioning from illegal to legal and none that faces a denser web of regulations. … [Read More...]

What do culture-savvy leaders pay attention to at work?

Your organization, whether it’s a small business, a department, a division, a government agency, a nonprofit, a multinational or anything in between, has a culture. It many not be a healthy culture, but it has one. And your culture drives everything that happens in your organization. The problem is that our organizations are not great places to hang out in! Recent research proves it: The Workplace Bullying Institute’s 2017 survey found that 19% … [Read More...]

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Tesla Shares Soar on Anticipation of Third-Quarter Results

Tesla shares soared after it announced plans to report quarterly results sooner than expected, fueling speculation that it has good news to deliver.

Sorry Grandma, Your Soup Looks Boring on Instagram. So We’re ‘Fixing’ It

Family favorites are being changed to make them pop on social media. A 26-year-old tries to make his Italian grandfather’s Old World dishes “more sexy” in pictures.

Digital Publisher Refinery29 to Lay Off About 10% of Workforce

Refinery29, the media and entertainment company focused on millennial women, is laying off more than 40 full-time employees as the publisher falls short of its revenue target for the year.

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