Here is What You Need to Know About Your Brand New LinkedIn Profile

Can you believe it? LinkedIn has changed your profile AGAIN! If you haven't received the new profile yet, you will see it soon. This is the second change in less than a year. And although the changes aren't as far reaching as last year's changes, there are some critical revisions you should make to address these changes. The changes are only in what I call the top box, which is what people see when they first look at your profile (before … [Read More...]

Blog Two Viewpoints to Make Your Point

  To promote my Say It For You content writing business, I became involved in various networking groups. Invited to make a presentation one day on the subject of asking for referrals, I chose to present not one point of view about referrals, but two… Viewpoint #1: Referrals build business; the more you ask for referrals, the more you’ll get. Asking for referrals represents a small effort with a big reward. According to the Wharton School … [Read More...]

To Move Quickly and Solve the Right Problems, Leaders Need to Ask Better Questions

Asking better questions doesn't just drive innovations, it can also build expertise in your team by setting an important expectation. … [Read More...]

6 Ways to Attract More Customers Through Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is often associated with more traditional methods, like direct mail. The thing is, 'traditional' works. … [Read More...]

How to Hire the Right People for Your First Business

Peter Voogd talks with Ryan Blair on success tips for your growing company. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Snap Tries Again With High-Tech Specs

Snap is trying a reboot with its video-recording sunglasses, Spectacles, that had a splashy debut—and then fizzled—when introduced just over 18 months ago.

EU Presses Tech Firms on Search Results, Fake News

The European Union tightened its effort to rein in tech giants like Alphabet’s Google and Facebook, advancing several measures that aim to shape the way they operate in Europe.

New Financial Transaction Methods Pose Challenge in Terror Fight, Officials Say

French President Emmanuel Macron called ministers from over 70 countries to Paris in an effort to coordinate a crackdown on new terror-financing methods that French officials say pose a growing threat to global security.

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